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     - with Tim Lynch in -      'Mobilising Consciousness'

 Assisted By: Lisa Er of The Awareness Party

  & John Coombs of Global Health Clinics


Auckland's one-hour environmental / health and consciousness programme, dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability. 

GreenPlanetFM covers global to local subject matter that is basically ignored & not readily discussed in depth in NZ mainstream media.

It also encourages you to look beyond the news as well as organise at the grassroots level across the community so as to get back on the front foot and reclaim our localised sovereignty.

A resolute advocate for today's and tomorrow's children. 

 At present the TPPA, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is being touted as the way foward for New Zealand. This could not be further from the truth. It is 'a wolf in sheeps clothing' and sets us all up for Globalised Corporate Control. This SECRET agreement is based on 29 chapters of which only 4 are to do with trade. The other 25 are to do with Law and other 'legal agreements' to be able to lock countries down and have them eventually cede their sovereignty. The biggest challenge for NZ is having an unconcious media that bows to the corporate agenda, hence many NZer's a totally unaware of what is bearing down on them. If NZ goes, we lose the moral high ground as our planets barometer of goodwill, fair play and the role of nuclear free NZ being the emerging microcosm for the planetary macrocosm. Kia Kaha and Aroha. Stand Strong and Love.                                                                                                                                          HEADS UP for overseas readers of this web site. Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine is under continuous assault at present and New Zealand too is on the battle lines, with coal mining, fraking, deep water oil drilling and sucking up of iron sands from the ocean floor. Note we have a 'business as usual government' that has cast a spell over the country implying that multi national corporations are going to save us - when the opposite is true. The TPPA being a very concerning component.                        

Note: That 11 humans are equal to one cow in their capacity to ingest and excrete.  A conservative estimate in the number of dairy cows in NZ at present are equal to 66 million people inhabiting NZ, the same population as the UK.

Salmon, huge problems with salmon farms, each one's 'waste' is the equivalent to a town of 40,000 people and wikipedia states there are 29 farms in NZ. Equivalent to 1,116,000 people.

Cows                           66  million

Salmon                        1.1 million 

NZ human population    4.5 million

Equivalent                   71.6 million human beings in NZ

This does not include the 3.9 million beef cattle or sheep at 31.2 million.

There is no discussion or debate in NZ about this!

ps, Just as well cows don't drive cars, or want their own home and love electronic equipment!  Surprised

Email: tim [at]

Featured Multimedia

contains video content 2012 - 2013 Crossover to the Inner and Beyond (Ultimo)
posted Sun November 24th @ 3:44 PM

Celebrating Tim's 10 years of GreenplantFM with his most audacious audio ever that's layered in code and compacted into a 10.5 minute sonic journey. Backing music and sound courtesy of Global Communication on AllMusic - 1994Track 2:  Ob-Selon-Mi-Nos - An Australian Ambient production More »

contains audio content Outro 2011 ~ Environment, Health and Consciousness (Ultimo)
posted Tue December 21st @ 6:12 PM

This little piece conveys what it is to include environment, health and consciousness into the collective field that we are part of. The background music is 'The Church Within' from Lex van Someren's album 'Beyond' The image is the view from my balcony... More »

file link contains audio content Greenplanet FM Intro 2010 (Ultimo)
posted Wed February 24th @ 6:19 PM

Greenplanet FM Intro 2010 More »

file link contains audio content A Metaphysical Insight (Ultimo)
posted Thu October 15th @ 1:20 AM

Listen to Tim's metaphysical insight from the show on 8/10/09 More »

file link contains audio content GreenplanetFM Intro 2009 (Ultimo)
posted Wed August 12th @ 3:52 AM

Tims overview of the importance and urgency of what's happening on our planet now and the imperative to mobilise consciousness. Background music "As the Earth Kissed the Moon" by Michael Stearns off the album Planetary Unfolding More »

Featured Podcasts & Blogs

article linkGary Cranston with Lisa Er on GE Trees and Climate Change (Ultimo)
posted Thu July 2nd 2015 @ 11:22 AM

“You cannot insert a gene you took from a bacteria into a seed, and call it life. You haven’t created life, you have polluted it.”

~ Vandana Shiva.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization's definition of 'forest' includes commercial plantations of fast growing trees - often replacing biodiverse native forests relied on by local communities.

Perhaps this shonky description of a forest is really to accommodate industry, carbon sinks for emissions trading, and making money from climate change.
Forest conservation has been thought to be the simplest way to fight climate change, particularly in New Zealand, where cars and cows are incredibly effective carbon producers.

Have we now reduced the description of forests to ‘any area covered by trees’, discarding the structural, functional and biological diversity of non-tree elements that make up a forest, as well as the cultural importance of the interaction between forests and communities?

Drawing parallels between the treatment of workers and the treatment of natural systems, Gary  Cranston talks about how the privatisation and the commodification of natural systems is being dressed up by polluters as a solution to climate change, and how these solutions must be replaced by solutions designed and implemented by and for those most threatened and least responsible for causing climate change itself if we are to realise an effective response to today's crisis of climate change and capitalism itself. Read More »

article linkLyndon Burford with Lisa Er on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty & Nuclear Disarmament (Ultimo)
posted Thu June 25th 2015 @ 4:42 PM

Forty-five years since the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) took effect, and 70 years since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, more than 16,000 nuclear weapons still exist-many on Cold War-era alert, ready to launch in 15 minutes.

Over the past 45 years, the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has put in place an indispensable yet imperfect set of rules for creating a safer world.

Under the treaty, countries without nuclear weapons agree not to get them, and countries with nuclear weapons, (China, France, Russia, the UK and the US) agree to eventually get rid of them. India, Israel and Pakistan have nuclear weapons but have not joined the NPT; North Korea withdrew from the NPT in 2003, and then began testing nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, nuclear armed countries are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on modernising their arsenals.

Between April 27 and May 22 2015, 160 countries met together in New York for the NPT’s five yearly review conference, hoping to further advance nuclear disarmament and stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Representatives of those 160 countries, including New Zealand, attended the conference, with observers from dozens of non-governmental organisations.

Lyndon Burford attended as a civil society adviser in the New Zealand delegation to the NPT Review Conference, and was also representing the Peace Foundation.

In this interview Lyndon explains how, after a month of negotiations, the conference failed to reach consensus on effective measures to advance nuclear disarmament or stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Read More »

article linkEvaluating and Finding Solutions on Human Health with John Coombs and Lisa Er (Ultimo)
posted Fri June 5th 2015 @ 12:18 PM

Is our lifestyle impacting on our health more than it did when our grandparents were growing up?

We have better hygiene for sure, so why are we not the picture of health that we should and could be?

Perhaps in the old days people spent more time out of doors and not on electronic equipment; they ate seasonally when food was available; they cooked at home and ate far less pre-prepared food; they didn’t eat GMOs, preservatives, stabilizers and food additives, and they had far fewer prescription drugs. Read More »

article linkSue Bradford: A Leftwing Think Tank For Aotearoa (Ultimo)
posted Thu May 28th 2015 @ 12:47 PM

A Major Leftwing Think Tank In Aotearoa: Call To Action Or Impossible Dream?

Sue Bradford interviewed by Lisa Er.

A strong lady with a soft heart Sue Bradford has been an activist on unemployed workers and beneficiary issues for many years. She was a Green Party MP for ten years from 1999-2009, and stood for the Mana Party in the 2011 general election.

Sue wrote a piece for Foreign Control Watchdog in August 2012 called A Major Leftwing Think Tank In Aotearoa: Call To Action Or Impossible Dream, which resulted in her refining her PhD research into the concept of a possible Leftwing think tank in this country.

She has since gained her PhD in public policy at Auckland University of Technology. See a link to it below.

Sue is currently working part time for the welfare activist group Auckland Action Against Poverty, (AAAP) and is starting work on a project to establish an activist/academic transformational Left think tank in Aotearoa. Read More »

article linkJeff Clarkson - Composer, Musician and Mediation Facilitator (Ultimo)
posted Thu May 21st 2015 @ 11:58 AM

Jeff is a gifted New Zealand composer and musician, especially in marrying the pan pipes with electronic synthesizers.

He has been playing since 1984 and has been consistently bringing through new sounds, hitting some profoundly beautiful notes and melodies as well as haunting numbers that touch the very soul of your being.

Over the last 10 years he has started to teach meditation that is very complimentary to the soft clear sounds or nature that he creates.

Jeff was a hard rock n roller musician for 20 years before he changed direction at 32 years of age and came out with a CD called Butterfly, that he played in hospital at the birth of his first child, and from then on the album was played in many areas of hospital life from the aged, to the recovery ward, to massage rooms and holistic practitioners who needed a quite soothing ambience for the many available healing modalities.

The key to this was that Jeff wanted to bring through a feeling of peace and stillness so that anyone could gather themselves in a space that was congruent with being still. Read More »

article linkLisa Er and The Awareness Party, From A Movement To A Political Party (Ultimo)
posted Thu May 14th 2015 @ 10:59 AM

Lisa Er of The Awareness Party that is now changing from a Movement to an actual Political Party.

Can a new ‘conscious’ political party come into being from the grass roots up and take a large majority of New Zealanders with them to reshape our political landscape as well as revitalise our cultural aspirations?

NZ was once the envy of the world, as many New Zealanders owned their own homes as well as had a stake in a large number of co-operatives, mutual insurance societies, trust banks, building societies plus liquor and hotel trusts. Today - all gone.

We were once seen as a fair country where everyone basically would get a good deal. To many overseas countries, we in NZ were seen as more egalitarian, as well as a moral compass for good and we were known as being charitable.

So what are the key ingredients to governance and self governance so that we can all take our place within the context of a participative and an anticipatory democracy where we as a 'conscious' communities come together to cooperatively shape our entire nation.

How would a ‘new manifestos’ look when pulling all the differing threads from left, right and centre, into one coherent, dynamic and synergistically, resourceful whole? Read More »

article linkMaree McLeay on Holistic Lifestyle & Wellbeing Strategies, with John Coombs (Ultimo)
posted Thu May 7th 2015 @ 11:55 AM

As more people become aware of the need for far healthier food choices, they are also turning towards more holistic modalities to optimise their bodies energies. The fact that our physical as well as emotional bodies are integral to our expression is seeing a marked awakening to a far more fulfilling potential, once we commit to the wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

Maree McLeay of Global Health Clinics who manages Client Wellness Programmes, discusses with John Coombs practical wellness solutions for real people as well as visions for a working health system which is suitable for the needs of humanity in a world of uncertain futures.

The principles are to “be the change you want to see in the world”, developing a quality of life from this most basic premise.
Read More »

article linkAnne Huxtable On The Power of Sound (Ultimo)
posted Thu April 30th 2015 @ 4:13 PM

Interviewed by Lisa Er.

Anne Huxtable, is an executive producer of the documentary; 'Song of the New Earth – Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound', and is on tour in Australia and New Zealand during March and April 2015, to promote screenings of the film.

The film features the transformative life journey of the renowned sound healer, psychotherapist and modern day mystic Tom Kenyon, from a young aspiring Nashville musician to an internationally revered sound alchemist. Western science has confirmed what ancient traditions have known for centuries; sound has the power to heal.

Sound Healing (also known as Sonic Therapy) can be used as pure tones or as music and can positively affect a large array of physiological and psychological states, including:
Read More »

article linkMarie Brown of ‘EDS’ Environmental Defence Society & their recent publication Vanishing Nature (Ultimo)
posted Thu April 16th 2015 @ 2:26 PM

Facing New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis.

We in New Zealand are still pushing nature closer to extinction and there are huge challenges. Yet, there are also some major game changer solutions that we can enact.

We take about 7 minutes to start getting to the more denser subject matter that begins to capture your attention.

Like altering the New Zealand economic way of life to recognise that Conservation would be a very sensible thing to do. This being to place penalties that are such high costs on business that damages ecosystems, that it is just economical not to engage in.

NZ has the highest rate of threatened species in the world and the charismatic maui’s dolphin with only 55 left will this be the measure of New Zealanders as a whole if we can not find ways to protect such an icon? Read More »

article linkDee Pignéguy: Organic Garden Workshops, Author, Freelance Writer, Speaker (Ultimo)
posted Thu April 9th 2015 @ 12:01 PM

Formerly of Canada she originally was a member of the Auckland Herb Society here in NZ that had amazing herbal displays and meetings as there was so much to learn due to there being some wonderful teachers such as Gillian Polson and her Living Kitchen from the South Island and Gillian Painter who up here in Auckland wrote the great herb book of this era A New Zealand Country Harvest Cookbook. The world of herbal lore had always interested Dee for as a child she had always been given herbs for both food enhancement, health and healing. Yet, even  today upwards to 80% of our planets population use herbal extracts, and not big pharmaceuticals.

Dee then became a speaker on herbs and continued to branch out into organic gardening where today she is very successful. Especially in growing 4 seasonal crops a year. Noting that for each season there is a particular set of veggies to grow that suit the temperatures and light etc.

Then to teaching organics over the last so many years because a whole generation have missed out on the skills in growing gardens and the relationships with the soil and micro-organisms of bacteria and fungi, composting and mulch.

With a 1/4 acre section she has turned her garden into a food forest - saving heaps of visits to the supermarket, yet becoming super healthy in the process. She has 30 odd fruit trees in that area with raised veggie garden plots plus chickens and growing and harvesting 4 times a year the only things she buys are onions and mushrooms, because onions take to long to grow. Visitors are totally blown away by the diversity of plants when visiting Dee’s garden. Yet, she also allows weeds like horehound to grow to make cough medicine including red sage as it may even be the first traditional Chinese remedy to gain approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read More »

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