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 ABOVE:Click Tim's loud, audacious 'headphone' message & meditation for 2014

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     - with Tim Lynch in -      'Mobilising Consciousness'

 Assisted By: Lisa Er of The Awareness Party

  & John Coombs of Global Health Clinics

Auckland's one-hour environmental / health and consciousness programme, dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability. 

GreenPlanetFM covers global to local subject matter that is basically ignored & not readily discussed in depth in NZ mainstream media.

It also encourages you to look beyond the news as well as organise at the grassroots level across the community so as to get back on the front foot and reclaim our localised sovereignty.

A resolute advocate for today's and tomorrow's children. 

 At present the TPPA, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is being touted as the way foward for New Zealand. This could not be further from the truth. It is 'a wolf in sheeps clothing' and sets us all up for Globalised Corporate Control. This SECRET agreement is based on 29 chapters of which only 4 are to do with trade. The other 25 are to do with Law and other 'legal agreements' to be able to lock countries down and have them eventually cede their sovereignty. The biggest challenge for NZ is having an unconcious media that bows to the corporate agenda, hence many NZer's a totally unaware of what is bearing down on them. If NZ goes, we lose the moral high ground as our planets barometer of goodwill, fair play and the role of nuclear free NZ being the emerging mcrocosm for the planetary macrocosm. Kia Kaha and Aroha. Stand Strong and Love.                                                                                                                                          HEADS UP for overseas readers of this web site. Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine is under continuous assault at present and New Zealand too is on the battle lines, with coal mining, fraking, deep water oil drilling and sucking up of iron sands from the ocean floor. Note we have a 'business as usual government' that has cast a spell over the country implying that multi national corporations are going to save us - when the opposite is true. The TPPA being a very concerning component.                        

Note: That 11 humans are equal to one cow in their capacity to ingest and excrete.  A conservative estimate in the number of dairy cows in NZ at present are equal to 66 million people inhabiting NZ, the same population as the UK.

Salmon, huge problems with salmon farms, each one's 'waste' is the equivalent to a town of 40,000 people and wikipedia states there are 29 farms in NZ. Equivalent to 1,116,000 people.

Cows                           66  million

Salmon                        1.1 million 

NZ human population    4.5 million

Equivalent                   71.6 million human beings in NZ

This does not include the 3.9 million beef cattle or sheep at 31.2 million.

There is no discussion or debate in NZ about this!

ps, Just as well cows don't drive cars, or want their own home and love electronic equipment!  Surprised

Email: tim [at]

Featured Multimedia

contains video content 2012 - 2013 Crossover to the Inner and Beyond (Ultimo)
posted Sun November 24th @ 3:44 PM

Celebrating Tim's 10 years of GreenplantFM with his most audacious audio ever that's layered in code and compacted into a 10.5 minute sonic journey. Backing music and sound courtesy of Global Communication on AllMusic - 1994Track 2:  Ob-Selon-Mi-Nos - An Australian Ambient production More »

contains audio content Outro 2011 ~ Environment, Health and Consciousness (Ultimo)
posted Tue December 21st @ 6:12 PM

This little piece conveys what it is to include environment, health and consciousness into the collective field that we are part of. The background music is 'The Church Within' from Lex van Someren's album 'Beyond' The image is the view from my balcony... More »

file link contains audio content Greenplanet FM Intro 2010 (Ultimo)
posted Wed February 24th @ 6:19 PM

Greenplanet FM Intro 2010 More »

file link contains audio content A Metaphysical Insight (Ultimo)
posted Thu October 15th @ 1:20 AM

Listen to Tim's metaphysical insight from the show on 8/10/09 More »

file link contains audio content GreenplanetFM Intro 2009 (Ultimo)
posted Wed August 12th @ 3:52 AM

Tims overview of the importance and urgency of what's happening on our planet now and the imperative to mobilise consciousness. Background music "As the Earth Kissed the Moon" by Michael Stearns off the album Planetary Unfolding More »

Featured Podcasts & Blogs

contains audio content David Ford ~ Healer, Wilderness Guide, Political Candidate (Ultimo)
posted Thu April 17th 2014 @ 3:40 PM

The highest polling Independent candidate in the previous 2011 NZ election, David stood for Parliament in Waitaki, the 2nd largest electorate in NZ and over a couple of months of electioneering, walked 1500 kilometres and put his flyers in every post box of the towns in this electorate.

One of a Solar Vision of the Era and of New Zealand.

There are many insights gathered when not part of the Party system.

David is perplexed by the lack of involvement by the average citizen in NZ - and that we need to take a stand and say enough is enough ... because we in the Western world live in a corporatocracy and the only power we really have outside the ballot box is the power to boycott. Corporations who do not have global goodwill as their vision, should be boycotted - but we have to be organised ... Read More »

contains audio content Tara Okan - Water Scientist, Political Activist, Father of Four Children (Ultimo)
posted Thu April 10th 2014 @ 11:40 AM

Back in the 1940s New Zealanders were described as long, lean, ranging and resourceful. This was one of the reasons we had community and communication with each other, however over the years with the advent of electronics and changing education and household patterns, we have become more isolated and where subtle and not so subtle methods of divide and rule have become more prevalent.

To choose our politicians not because they are leaders or statesmen but because they may make more money than other people, does not translate to mean that we as a country should vote for such a person thinking this politician will also make more money for the country. This is a fallacy, they only go on to set themselves up to make more money for themselves further on.

In todays world, we as consumers are being targeted to consume as many material resources as can be paid for and when we purchase a bargain, usually as a ubiquitous, toxic plastic article it is very soon in a landfill somewhere and we end up poisoning our resources and our future.

The loss of ethics and the understanding of what it means is being lost in our runaway consumer society.

Tara states that engagement with one another was what made us a great nation and the illusion that we are all separate is more of an idea proposed by the people who want to divide us and rule. Read More »

contains audio content Susan Alesbury and Caroll Macy on Holistic Biofield Viewing & Toxic, Heavy Metal Cleansing (Ultimo)
posted Thu April 3rd 2014 @ 1:33 PM

Our interview this week is with Sue Alesbury and Caroll Macy. They are both experienced natural health practitioners capable of helping with both common and difficult to treat conditions.

John Coombs interviews Global Health Clinics' new Client Services Manager, Susan Alesbury on the benefits of being able to create and manage a Designer Holistic Programme not only as a curative approach but also preventative.
Susan Alesbury has a business background and is also qualified in many therapeutic modalities in her own right.
Her special interest is in discovering the Mind Body Spirit connection. From training with the Cross Colour Healing Association in the UK some 20 years ago, she has come full circle after recognising that healing was simply "Firefighting without looking for how the fires were being started".  Since that time, she has trained in Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Aboriginal Dreamtime, and has trained to Leadership under Tony Robbins where she learned Human Needs Psychology. Now, with the advent of the Biofield Viewer and connecting all the dots with the mental, emotional and spiritual energy fields, Susan is finding the Colour Healing a very potent tool in her toolbox once more.

John then interviews Caroll Macy a specialist in metal and chemical detoxification. As well as helping her clients stabilise hormones which may have been disrupted Caroll helps stimulate the immune system to enable a full recovery.
Caroll’s work is helping many people who have tried for years to get well. Caroll’s system is at the cutting edge of bio energy technology based on the pioneering research and clinical work of Dr Yurkovsky a prominent USA clinician. Read More »

contains audio content Edward Millar Ė lawyer, speaks of the effects of the global economy on New Zealandís sovereignty (Ultimo)
posted Thu March 27th 2014 @ 10:28 AM

At the heart of the attack on our sovereignty is the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement). It is described as a 21st century agreement that will reach further behind the border than any previous free trade or investment agreement. Parliament will have no effective say over these new rules unless they require changes to New Zealand’s domestic law.

There are around 29 chapters in the agreement, very few of which involve old-fashioned trade. Numbered at about 4. Most of them aim to curb the process and content of government’s domestic policy and regulatory decisions.

In practice, the TPPA would give foreign governments and well-resourced foreign companies the right to influence our domestic decisions, and marginalise our own national priorities, advocates and agencies, including Parliament and our courts. Therefore the TPPA is a potent threat to national sovereignty over decision-making processes and institutions, and to open and accountable government. We can only hope that this government, and the next one, will resist the corporate overture and protect the democratic rights of the populace.

Interviewed by Lisa Er, Edward gives us a little of the background to the TPPA which began with an agreement between Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. It was planned to be a gold standard agreement, with Labour’s Phil Goff negotiating for New Zealand. The US then became interested and now there are 12 countries negotiating the TPPA. Read More »

contains audio content Chris Evatt - Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Assister of Non-Government Organisations (Ultimo)
posted Thu March 20th 2014 @ 11:22 AM

When you listen to this interview, you will very quickly notice that there appears to be no NZ businessman articulating the positivity and profundity of inspirational business models, that can bring a revolutionary impulse to family, community and cooperative commercial archetypes to this country.

If you think that we can wrestle back localised business interests, into the NZ communities hands - listen to this interview, based on Scandinavian and especially Finnish practices.

One of the most salient pointers that Chris also articulates is to bring all  the leaders of NGO’s together so that they can learn from each other. Note  that motivated volunteers are the best people to bring about positive change.

Where there is an emotional engagement in doing something really good there is  an 86% faster growth than in a business that only caters for the bottom line,  plus their margins are also on average 23% more ... because people are willing  to pay more for better value and service etc. Net profits are 21% more also.

Learn how localised generated merchandise is innovatively produced and sold by  the community that keeps profits in that local community and the common wealth  of their country, and not leak out via overseas corporates taking their hard earned cash off shore! Read More »

contains audio content Erica Lang & Liz Hart on Holistic Health and Optimal Wellbeing, with John Coombs (Ultimo)
posted Thu March 13th 2014 @ 10:07 AM

Experienced holistic health practitioners Erica Lang and Liz Hart offer simple and effective tips and options towards relieving stress and experiencing optimal health.

Erica who uses a combination of Bodytalk and Counseling helps her clients with a wide range of health challenges. Her clients inevitably experience relief from emotional pain and stress , often feeling real transformational changes to their life.

Liz a local pioneer and teacher of Emotional Freedom technique explains how she helps her clients overcome long term health issues by helping modify unhelpful behaviors and attitudes. Liz offers empowering skills to self manage good health providing clients with tools for managing stress and pain. Read More »

contains audio content Gail Whitlow & Gil Aguilera - Native Americans - Healing the Sacred Hoop, of Prophecies and Healing (Ultimo)
posted Thu March 6th 2014 @ 3:01 PM

'When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.'
~ Cree Indian saying


The Traditional Native American lifestyle is a life of prayer to all of creation.  Prayer is so deeply woven into every aspect of life that there is a prayer for every action, on waking and greeting the morning sun, on eating and thanking all the beings that have made that meal possible. Each moment can be made sacred when gratitude is shown for the gifts of this life.  This is most beautifully summed up in the phrase Mitakuye Oyasin, Lakota for 'All my relations.'  When a prayer is made it is followed by these words that acknowledge our interconnectedness to all life on this planet.

The Web of Life is something that we are part of and this is celebrated in all Native Traditions.  Celebration and Gratitude being at the core of Native American Spirituality.

And this gratitude, ritual and otherwise is something that we sometimes forget in our consumer societies so full of things that it often takes a moment to remember the small miracles of every day life.

'The Elm Trees will die, Huge stone monsters will tear open the face of the earth and rivers burning aflame.' These words are taken from The Seventh Generation Prophecy, one well known by many of the Native Nations and remembered here by Gail Whitlow of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Mohawk nation. These words bring to mind Dutch elm disease that has wiped out all but a few elms left in Britain or much of continental Europe.  Mining devastating huge swathes of the earth and Fracking that uses and pollutes huge quantities of our most precious resource, water, not to mention the local devastation in Australia where fires have raged for weeks in New South Wales.

The Seventh Generation prophecy says that seven Generations after White man has come into contact with the Native Americans is the time when change must come and that that time is now. Now, is the time to act to bring ourselves back into balance for ourselves and the planet. The prophecy says that this time will come when the wisdom teachings that have been preserved by native people will be needed as we learn how to come back into balance. Read More »

contains audio content Carl Chenery talks about The Rights of Nature - Pachamama (Ultimo)
posted Thu February 27th 2014 @ 9:22 AM

Years ago humans had no rights. In the times when slavery was legal, abuses to slaves were deemed an issue of property law, not an issue of human rights. From this relationship of owner to slave, you cannot have anything other than an exploitative relationship.

In this interview, Carl Chenery explains that this kind of thinking of human separation from, and domination over nature itself, is embedded into the very structure of our western legal system. Through our legal systems we attribute all the rights to humans as subjects, and everything else (except companies) as being objects or property to be owned.

Gaia, our living breathing planet that is home to all of us, does not have rights. And without rights, like an unfortunate slave, she, our only home, is being used and slowly destroyed.

On September 28, 2008, the people of Ecuador voted by an overwhelming majority (64%) to approve a new constitution which included Pachamama, nature, in the constitution, which was then ratified on Oct 20th 2008.

Carl Chenery went to Ecuador in 2012 and met with some of those who were central to the incorporation of the rights of nature into the constitution. He and others in the group from the organisation, Awakening the Dreamer, were keen to see if the ideas could be incorporated into a New Zealand constitution.

This progressive and conscious move by Ecuador is something that New Zealand would do well to look at. Read More »

contains audio content Ollie Mikosza: Inventor 'Personal Rapid Transport System' (Ultimo)
posted Thu February 20th 2014 @ 10:56 AM

Every large city on earth is gripped with limits to growth. Especially cars in gridlock and clogging motorways and roads. We witness it every day at rush hour as we sit frustrated in traffic, wondering when will this increasing problem ever be solved?

Enter A New Idea:
The concept of affordable personal rapid transport pods, travelling above ground that whisk you across the city along an environmentally benign 2-directional elevated guide-way to your destination, in comfort, safely, swiftly and cheaply.

Is this possible? What would be the cost? Is it environmentally benign?

The system is called the Metropolitan Individual System of Transportation on Elevated Rail (MISTER).

With over $3 Billion allocated for a tunnel from Britomart in Auckland to Epsom, are the rate payers willing to dig further into their pockets for an outdated transport system, when that amount of money would cover the totality of suburban Auckland with a Personal Rapid Transport System?

The fact that even today the NZ Government is balking at such extravagance, gives us time to pause and look at other options. Read More »

contains audio content Kailash Kokopelli - Indigenous Music Healing and Ecological Consciousness (Ultimo)
posted Thu February 13th 2014 @ 12:09 PM

Kailash is a sound therapist, artist and inner world musician - bridge maker to indigenous peoples.

He is also a photographer and teacher of Kailash Chi Movements and Songdances.

As a multi instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and producer he is an internationally requested studio- and guest musician playing a great variety of (wind) instruments ranging from Didgeridoo to (Native American) Flutes, as well as reed instruments, percussive soundscapes, drums, crystal singing bowls, string instruments and vocals.

Within the last 20 years Kailash Kokopelli has shared his INNER WORLD MUSIC on every continent touching many thousand people all over the globe.

Kailash performes in schools, universities, therapeutical institutions, conferences, festivals, private and in concert halls all over the world, guiding his audience on musical journeys to the inner source.

He has been recognized as a tribal brother and bridgemaker by indigenous people as well as a pioneer soundtherapist by medical practitioners and international doctors. Many therapists use Kailash Kokopelli's INNER WORLD MUSIC for its relaxing and healing qualities.

In this interview Kailash explains what the possibilities are and how we surmount certain challenges by understanding the language of the heart. Read More »

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