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 Assisted By: Lisa Er of The Awareness Party

  & John Coombs of Global Health Clinics


Auckland's one-hour environmental / health and consciousness programme, dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability. 

GreenPlanetFM covers global to local subject matter that is basically ignored & not readily discussed in depth in NZ mainstream media.

It also encourages you to look beyond the news as well as organise at the grassroots level across the community so as to get back on the front foot and reclaim our localised sovereignty.

A resolute advocate for today's and tomorrow's children. 

 At present the TPPA, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is being touted as the way foward for New Zealand. This could not be further from the truth. It is 'a wolf in sheeps clothing' and sets us all up for Globalised Corporate Control. This SECRET agreement is based on 29 chapters of which only 4 are to do with trade. The other 25 are to do with Law and other 'legal agreements' to be able to lock countries down and have them eventually cede their sovereignty. The biggest challenge for NZ is having an unconcious media that bows to the corporate agenda, hence many NZer's a totally unaware of what is bearing down on them. If NZ goes, we lose the moral high ground as our planets barometer of goodwill, fair play and the role of nuclear free NZ being the emerging microcosm for the planetary macrocosm. Kia Kaha and Aroha. Stand Strong and Love.                                                                                                                                          HEADS UP for overseas readers of this web site. Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine is under continuous assault at present and New Zealand too is on the battle lines, with coal mining, fraking, deep water oil drilling and sucking up of iron sands from the ocean floor. Note we have a 'business as usual government' that has cast a spell over the country implying that multi national corporations are going to save us - when the opposite is true. The TPPA being a very concerning component.                        

Note: That 11 humans are equal to one cow in their capacity to ingest and excrete.  A conservative estimate in the number of dairy cows in NZ at present are equal to 66 million people inhabiting NZ, the same population as the UK.

Salmon, huge problems with salmon farms, each one's 'waste' is the equivalent to a town of 40,000 people and wikipedia states there are 29 farms in NZ. Equivalent to 1,116,000 people.

Cows                           66  million

Salmon                        1.1 million 

NZ human population    4.5 million

Equivalent                   71.6 million human beings in NZ

This does not include the 3.9 million beef cattle or sheep at 31.2 million.

There is no discussion or debate in NZ about this!

ps, Just as well cows don't drive cars, or want their own home and love electronic equipment!  Surprised

Email: tim [at]

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posted Tue December 23rd @ 12:54 AM

In the opening sequence in James Cameron’s movie Avatar, the ship floats orbiting the moon Pandora, these words are uttered … Sooner or later, you have to wake up! Music: Kitaro is the music for spaceship Edited by Caroline Snook More »

contains video content 2012 - 2013 Crossover to the Inner and Beyond (Ultimo)
posted Sun November 24th @ 3:44 PM

Celebrating Tim's 10 years of GreenplantFM with his most audacious audio ever that's layered in code and compacted into a 10.5 minute sonic journey. Backing music and sound courtesy of Global Communication on AllMusic - 1994Track 2:  Ob-Selon-Mi-Nos - An Australian Ambient production More »

contains audio content Outro 2011 ~ Environment, Health and Consciousness (Ultimo)
posted Tue December 21st @ 6:12 PM

This little piece conveys what it is to include environment, health and consciousness into the collective field that we are part of. The background music is 'The Church Within' from Lex van Someren's album 'Beyond' The image is the view from my balcony... More »

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file link contains audio content GreenplanetFM Intro 2009 (Ultimo)
posted Wed August 12th @ 3:52 AM

Tims overview of the importance and urgency of what's happening on our planet now and the imperative to mobilise consciousness. Background music "As the Earth Kissed the Moon" by Michael Stearns off the album Planetary Unfolding More »

Featured Podcasts & Blogs

article linkBarry Coates - TPPA: beyond the spin (Ultimo)
posted Thu February 4th 2016 @ 11:14 PM

The country is divided as it hasn’t been since the South African Springbok tour in 1981. And probably along somewhat similar lines. This time it is over a complex international treaty – the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, TPPA (often referred to as the TPP). The negotiations were kept secret for six years, and for good reasons. Analysis of the final agreement shows that the TPPA is not in our interests. Beyond the spin and myths, there are three hard truths about the impacts of the TPPA on New Zealand.
Read More »

article linkDavid Ford on the TPPA, Sovereignty, Restoring Community, Unity, Simplicity and Kindness (Ultimo)
posted Thu January 28th 2016 @ 7:57 PM

Reclaiming our country NZ - a call to family and community values of goodwill cooperation & ecological mindfulness.

David Ford, in his own language:

I’m not fond of "blunt language" AND I reckon WE the Royal WE have got to collectively stand up & demand a total course correction to the Human race. If we really want to "save OURSELVES";  I reckon all we have to collectively do is to STOP PARTICIPATING ~ STOP CON~ SUMING ~ and start RE~CREATING & playing (without consuming! ) more.

WE collectively have PILLAGED our MOTHER PLANET ~ therefore WE can COLLECTIVELY HEAL HER. It's pretty SIMPLE.

David Ford describes himself as a simple South Island, NZ farm boy (& ex Red neck National party man) who went on a 3 year OE that has morphed into 42 years as a proud GLOBAL CITIZEN AMBASSADOR for New Zealand's core values of kindness, peace seeking, generosity & can do co-operation. Read More »

article linkGary Cranston - An Activist Speaks Up and Out on the Recent Paris Climate Agreement (Ultimo)
posted Thu January 21st 2016 @ 9:33 PM

At the Paris Conference of the Parties - COP21 - almost 200 nations agreed to reduce greenhouse gases to levels yielding no more than 1.5 to 2.0 degrees of warming.

Scientists are convinced that anything above the 2 degree mark locks in changes to the planetary climate beyond civilization's adaptive capacity.

For some climate activists, like Gary Cranston, the accord was an exercise in empty, feel-good promise making. For example, a group of climate scientists recently submitted a letter to The Independent calling the agreement "false hope" and full of "deadly flaws." They cited the fact that the CO2 reduction commitments in the agreement don't kick in until 2020. By that time, the scientists argue, so much more CO2 will have been pumped into the atmosphere that we may already be locked into warming, pushing us above the 2 degree line. Read More »

article linkDr Christine Jones - Regenerative Land Management, Biological Farming & Sequestering Atmospheric C02 (Ultimo)
posted Thu December 17th 2015 @ 6:50 PM

Download this episode (right-click, 'Save As')

In 2016 Christine Jones is coming to live in NZ, to assist farmers and soil scientists understand how biological agriculture can resolve pollution challenges caused by excessive use of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilisers. She says improvements to soil function will help restore waterways without any need to reduce the number of cows. At the same time, the cows will be healthier!

Christine has recently returned from New Mexico, USA, where she spoke at the Quivira Coalition Conference. Quivira is broad coalition of environmentalists, ranchers, scientists and public land managers.

Quivira have four broad initiatives:

(1) improving land health;
(2) sharing knowledge and innovation;
(3) building local capacity; and
(4) strengthening diverse relationships.

The reason for this coalition? Ranchers and conservationists were involved in a stand-off. Poorly managed cattle herds were causing deterioration to rangelands. This was not due to the cattle, but rather, to the way they were managed. The Quivira Coalition created a collaborative framework enabling ranchers and range scientists to work together to deliver significant improvements to rangeland health, while at the same time improving economic returns for ranchers.
Read More »

article linkMichael Field - Journalist on Fishing, Pacific Fish Stocks and his book ‘The Catch’ (Ultimo)
posted Thu December 10th 2015 @ 7:35 PM

Download this episode
 (right-click, 'Save As')

Is there an awakening in New Zealand at both Government and industry level that we have to totally change our fishing practices to conserve local and world fishing stocks?

Citizen initiated groups in NZ can make a difference if we commit to organise and make our voices heard.

This is about the exploitation of NZ waters by overseas fishing corporations and near on slavery of crews working on these boats in NZ waters.

This is about the vacuuming up of the last remaining tuna and large fishing stocks in the Pacific ocean, that last fishery on earth. Of corruption and irresponsible attitudes at virtually every level in the world’s fishing fleets.

We have to act now.
Read More »

article linkNicky Crocker on Geomancy, Geopathic Stress, Dowsing and Health (Ultimo)
posted Fri December 4th 2015 @ 5:57 PM

Download this episode (right-click, 'Save As')

Part I - (What is a Geomancer and Geopathic Stress)

Nicky describes what a ‘Geomancer’ is and how that relates to what she does.  She has the ability to detect ‘Earth Energy’, particularly the Magnetic fields around the earth, also Geopathic Stress caused by underground water, and how this affects your health.

She finds the noxious earth energy using dowsing rods and explains how she uses these.

Nicky describes how Geopathic Stress (GS) doesn’t cause any of the illnesses mentioned but does lower the immune system, enabling disease, to affect us like Crohns Disease, Arthritis, High Blood pressure, Allergies, Depression etc therefore affecting people’s health. Read More »

article linkKevin Hester speaks to Lisa Er on Abrupt Climate Change and Surrounding Issues (Ultimo)
posted Fri November 27th 2015 @ 7:53 AM

Download this episode (right-click, 'Save As')

Should we be more concerned about terrorists or climate change?

What a question!

Climate change can kill with efficacy as huge storms hit with frightening intensity and after the winds go, leave a legacy of flooding and landslides.

More slowly, rising seas will gradually erase whole nations, and droughts will kill many thousands, and even cause wars over resources.

Western governments, however, are making it clear which they think is the issue to worry about. Climate change is taking a back seat, even when there has been a cyclone (cyclone Haiyan) that killed 6300 people in 2013.

However in early December 2015 the largest UN summit of the decade is to take place in Paris. The big question is will the delegates get the message to keep fossil fuel in the ground and to finance a transition to renewable energy by 2050? This is the aim of Even that seems too little too late. Read More »

article linkScott Macindoe - Advocate for Fish and Ocean Fauna (Ultimo)
posted Thu November 19th 2015 @ 5:30 PM

Download this episode (right-click, 'Save As')

Also known as the backbone of LegaSea, Scott's passion is to make certain that the vision of 'more fish in the water for future generations' is not something that we just talk about – he wants it to become our reality. He is an active environmentalist, a good fisherman, a talented networker, a successful businessman, a green-fingered gardener & a loving family man.

“We have to claim our oceans and fisheries back before it is too late.”

There are multiple challenges to our fisheries here in NZ.  We all know that due to industrial netting, fish numbers are falling, some spectacularly and this is happening both globally and locally. This also includes dwindling stocks of crustaceans as well as shellfish. At the same time we are having to deal with poorer water quality such as increasing acidic levels as well as an increase in the overall NZ population especially in Auckland who are keen consumers of fish.

This is intensifying pressure on the local commons, which translates to the area of sea that all fish-life inhabit and that for the last so many thousands of years there has been a customary right, for anyone to go down to the beach or get into a boat and catch a fish or three, to feed their family and friends.

This interview is in many ways is an exposé of the Fishing Industry in NZ, which is the fourth largest fisheries in area on our planet! Read More »

article linkDita De Boni on Journalists Creed: Very Independent, Always Questioning, Always Probing, Asking Why (Ultimo)
posted Fri November 13th 2015 @ 1:27 PM

Download this episode (right-click, 'Save As')

Since 1995 Dita worked for the NZ Herald the largest newspaper in NZ, she is currently a TV Producer for TV One.

"Journalists need to be very independent, always questioning, always probing always saying, why? That’s the journalist's creed.”

Whereas people like Nicky Hager (author of Dirty Politics & many other books) who stands up and asks questions then states the facts, and is painted very effectively as a troublemaker and stirrer - a left wing radical by the government when in reality he is just doing good journalism - that is all he is doing even if the facts are 100% true, he is dismissed as a radical, out to bring down the government.  

Is our government becoming so contemptuous of people? Dita states that if the National Party put people before all other considerations, she would be far more favourable to them, but people across the board are seemingly being factored out of the equation in favour of monetarist considerations. Putting people at the centre of what they do, is the foundation of how Dita wishes to see governments govern - without compromise. Read More »

article linkYelena Kostyugova on Pathways to Holistic Wellbeing and Practical Opportunities for Wellness (Ultimo)
posted Thu November 5th 2015 @ 4:47 PM

Download this episode (right-click, 'Save As')

Yelena’s methods integrate ancient knowledge and contemporary quantum sciences, providing simple, elegant and practical opportunities for wellness, for young and old.

Yelena says that people suffer because they have forgotten their true origins and lost connection with the deepest part of themselves. Unhappiness, loneliness and lack of joy are the effects of this disconnection, not to mention the personal and planetary health issues we are experiencing today.

We each have the power to change and make a difference. It all starts inside our own consciousness. Read More »

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