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 ABOVE:Click Tim's loud, audacious 'headphone' message & meditation for 2014

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  Every Thursday morning 8-9am 
     - with Tim Lynch in -      'Mobilising Consciousness'

 Assisted By: Lisa Er of The Awareness Party

  & John Coombs of Global Health Clinics

Auckland's one-hour environmental / health and consciousness programme, dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability. 

GreenPlanetFM covers global to local subject matter that is basically ignored & not readily discussed in depth in NZ mainstream media.

It also encourages you to look beyond the news as well as organise at the grassroots level across the community so as to get back on the front foot and reclaim our localised sovereignty.

A resolute advocate for today's and tomorrow's children. 

 At present the TPPA, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is being touted as the way foward for New Zealand. This could not be further from the truth. It is 'a wolf in sheeps clothing' and sets us all up for Globalised Corporate Control. This SECRET agreement is based on 29 chapters of which only 4 are to do with trade. The other 25 are to do with Law and other 'legal agreements' to be able to lock countries down and have them eventually cede their sovereignty. The biggest challenge for NZ is having an unconcious media that bows to the corporate agenda, hence many NZer's a totally unaware of what is bearing down on them. If NZ goes, we lose the moral high ground as our planets barometer of goodwill, fair play and the role of nuclear free NZ being the emerging microcosm for the planetary macrocosm. Kia Kaha and Aroha. Stand Strong and Love.                                                                                                                                          HEADS UP for overseas readers of this web site. Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine is under continuous assault at present and New Zealand too is on the battle lines, with coal mining, fraking, deep water oil drilling and sucking up of iron sands from the ocean floor. Note we have a 'business as usual government' that has cast a spell over the country implying that multi national corporations are going to save us - when the opposite is true. The TPPA being a very concerning component.                        

Note: That 11 humans are equal to one cow in their capacity to ingest and excrete.  A conservative estimate in the number of dairy cows in NZ at present are equal to 66 million people inhabiting NZ, the same population as the UK.

Salmon, huge problems with salmon farms, each one's 'waste' is the equivalent to a town of 40,000 people and wikipedia states there are 29 farms in NZ. Equivalent to 1,116,000 people.

Cows                           66  million

Salmon                        1.1 million 

NZ human population    4.5 million

Equivalent                   71.6 million human beings in NZ

This does not include the 3.9 million beef cattle or sheep at 31.2 million.

There is no discussion or debate in NZ about this!

ps, Just as well cows don't drive cars, or want their own home and love electronic equipment!  Surprised

Email: tim [at]

Featured Multimedia

contains video content 2012 - 2013 Crossover to the Inner and Beyond (Ultimo)
posted Sun November 24th @ 3:44 PM

Celebrating Tim's 10 years of GreenplantFM with his most audacious audio ever that's layered in code and compacted into a 10.5 minute sonic journey. Backing music and sound courtesy of Global Communication on AllMusic - 1994Track 2:  Ob-Selon-Mi-Nos - An Australian Ambient production More »

contains audio content Outro 2011 ~ Environment, Health and Consciousness (Ultimo)
posted Tue December 21st @ 6:12 PM

This little piece conveys what it is to include environment, health and consciousness into the collective field that we are part of. The background music is 'The Church Within' from Lex van Someren's album 'Beyond' The image is the view from my balcony... More »

file link contains audio content Greenplanet FM Intro 2010 (Ultimo)
posted Wed February 24th @ 6:19 PM

Greenplanet FM Intro 2010 More »

file link contains audio content A Metaphysical Insight (Ultimo)
posted Thu October 15th @ 1:20 AM

Listen to Tim's metaphysical insight from the show on 8/10/09 More »

file link contains audio content GreenplanetFM Intro 2009 (Ultimo)
posted Wed August 12th @ 3:52 AM

Tims overview of the importance and urgency of what's happening on our planet now and the imperative to mobilise consciousness. Background music "As the Earth Kissed the Moon" by Michael Stearns off the album Planetary Unfolding More »

Featured Podcasts & Blogs

contains audio content James Russell - Editor of Element Magazine in the NZ Herald (Ultimo)
posted Thu October 16th 2014 @ 11:46 AM

Element magazine has a NZ readership of 140,000 people and could quite easily be New Zealand's flag bearer of conscious ecology, and business inclusive of food, health, community and leisure.

It is about our actions and vision as well as long term thinking and we have to engage in this .

Sustainability in an ecological context is doing the same thing in perpetuity, over and over and actually improving the environment in the process, which is what organic gardening does. (Note: where as fishing in the ocean is not the case as there is virtually no putting back and building up of fish stocks and thus replenishing the resource base.)

Listen to how James, being Editor of such a prestigious publication where one moment he may meet an energetic and inspirational person doing something that encouragers other people to follow suit, and the next message may be of an ecological report that is so devastating and disempowering. Yet, as a family man with two young boys, his resolve becomes even stronger to engage in publishing and sharing information and knowledge that can make this world a better place for us all to live.

He also finds that with this publication he doesn't compromise his values so can sleep at night. Yet, with so much content available James often has to leave a huge amount of data, information, and good stories, because of an oversupply of newsy content that flows into his office. For as you browse your way through Element, you can quickly recognise that there is so much opportunity for the Ecology of Commerce to be embedded into the new biospheric understanding of our connection within the web of life. Read More »

contains audio content Dr. John Hinchcliff on Politics and our Precarious Future (Ultimo)
posted Thu October 9th 2014 @ 9:58 AM

Interviewed by Lisa Er.

To cope with the challenging and changing turbulence of our complex society we need to go beyond the technical fix of the knowledge society and recover the old fashioned virtues of caring and responsible altruism. This is the very valid view point of Dr John Hinchcliff.

What are our politicians doing to ensure that our grandchildren have as comfortable lives as we have? Will there always be enough clean water? How will we survive the results of climate change, food insecurity, rising tides, pollution, war, the nuclear threat, violence and even cybernet crime? These and other threats make our world very precarious indeed.

Yet our politicians are not standing up and attempting to solve these situations. People in government must question the direction in which we are going. Are the political machines just working towards the next elections? What do the labels National and Labour actually mean? Should an MP dare to criticise their own party, they are quickly demoted. Do we need political parties at all if they essentially render all politicians out of integrity with their own beliefs in some areas?

Where is the leadership?
How can we move forward when both power and wealth are concentrated in the hands of the few? We must think critically and connect with the values that go back in history, such as the Golden Rule. Then we must put that theory into practice. Theory and action must connect and people need to join together to take drastic reasonable action if we are to offer future generations a secure future. Read More »

contains audio content Dr Daryl Turner, World Authority and Specialist in Thyroid Symptoms and Treatment (Ultimo)
posted Thu October 2nd 2014 @ 9:54 AM

Dr Daryl Turner, a world authority and specialist in thyroid symptoms, discusses how to maintain a healthy Thyroid Gland. You will learn the value of Thyroflex Tests which are 98% accurate and simple inexpensive treatment programs to stimulate effective thyroid functions.

What is Hypothyroid? What are the symptoms and the consequences of Thyroid disease?  What are the effects of the thyroid on quality of life, diabetes, heart health, weight management, balanced hormones, Alzheimer’s, depression, headaches, bipolar, myalgia’s, IQ and longevity.

Dr Daryl Turners simple thyroflex test measures thyroid imbalances with a range of simple treatments for the thyroid gland using simple iodine based programs.
This significantly reduces risks of Alzheimer’s and reproductive cancers as well as improving energy and general hormone health, including during menopause and puberty.

You will hear information on the importance of Iodine for IQ, mental health and cognitive acuity in preconception, pregnancy and early childhood, and learn how to simply improve IQ in young children, which gives them extra skills for later life. Read More »

contains audio content Marama Winder & Jon Winder on Sacred Activism & Action in Our World (Ultimo)
posted Thu September 25th 2014 @ 1:29 PM

In this the second programme of the Sacred Activism series with Marama Winder we explore the deeper dimensions of sacred action in our world. We are called at this time in an upwelling of positive change and transformation.

The coming together of the wisdom of the feminine and masculine is a crucial link in this shift and is elegantly portrayed in this interview. Alongside Marama’s potent voice of sacred activism and the deep feminine is Jon Winder who brings in the masculine perspective of our calling to sacred service.

This interview covers many aspects of what it is to involve oneself in sacred activism, from working with people, their rights, and justice for animals, the environment and our planet as a whole.
What are the principles of Sacred Activeness?
But first, what does the sacred mean? Read More »

contains audio content Michael Field - Sustainability Professional, the psychology of positive behavioural change (Ultimo)
posted Thu September 18th 2014 @ 1:10 PM

Between 2% and 6% of society are actively engaged people - movers and shakers are change agents that have huge energy - they have very strongly held beliefs - they are very hard to influence, because of their own strong belief systems. ... very engaging and being ethics based. You also have the fast followers another 10% or so.

At the other end of the scale you have the actively disengaged again between 2 and 6% of society, though you would think that they were very dissimilar from the former, however, in many ways they are two sides of the same coin. These people, basically oppose things, because that is who they are ... they are also quite noisy and we focus a lot of energy endeavouring to change them, when in many ways there is no point. You also have the disengaged group, not quite as bad as the actively disengaged, which make up around another 10%.

HOWEVER, the best is to focus on the other 68% of society, they are the neutral group.They don't necessarily have strongly held belief systems and they are the ideal audience because they are by far the easiest people to influence because of a lack of strongly held belief systems. Read More »

contains audio content Jonathan Quintin - Cosmologist, Artist & New Zealand Taonga (Ultimo)
posted Thu September 11th 2014 @ 12:48 PM

Jonathan, well known overseas as a gifted metaphysical artist and cosmologist, creates computer graphics on the big screen presenting leading edge mathematics and geometry, unveiling to us both the unity and diversity of existence including the majestic tapestry of universal patterns.

Today our world is in a flurry of a hurry, with survival and the outside world impinging on our everyday life - finance, crime, war, job, family, housing, weather - that so much information is being pumped in to our living rooms and lounges, that for many of us, we are in information overload.

Time to take an in-breath and inhale the invisible that we all share and which keeps us alive. It has become very noticeable over the last 20 years that the pace of life has left us little time to catch up on what constitutes existence and to figure out our particular place in the world. Read More »

contains audio content Dr James Wilson ~ World Authority on Adrenal Fatigue (Ultimo)
posted Thu September 4th 2014 @ 12:50 PM

World authority Dr James Wilson discusses how to prevent or better manage stress and serious fatigue with John Coombs from Global Health Clinics.

Discover how we can usually overcome even debilitating fatigue conditions and go on to live highly productive lives by stimulating our adrenal glands with proven natural medicine systems which have helped thousands of New Zealanders already.

This involves a simple recovery program which also prevents us sliding into much more serious or chronic states of health.

Dr Wilson a busy Dr with a 9 month waiting list did his 3rd Doctorate degree researching chronic fatigue. He recognised this was affecting most of his clients and was primarily caused by overloaded adrenal glands. He called this Adrenal Fatigue and developed a highly functional system to overcome even severe fatigue using a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs, as well as glandular extracts. This combined with leading a more balanced lifestyle can lead to high levels of vitality and a high quality of life.
Read More »

contains audio content Emily Garden from the Auckland City Mission: What perpetuates the cycle of poverty? (Ultimo)
posted Thu August 28th 2014 @ 2:49 PM

What keeps people in poverty? Aren’t the minimum wage and the benefits enough to live off? Why are there 285,000 children in New Zealand being raised in poverty? Surely it is mismanagement of money, and the fact that people have too many children. People are lazy and want to stay on government hand outs.

These are the excuses that some New Zealanders trot out to excuse turning an uneducated  blind eye to the suffering of our fellow countrymen / women.

Where is the understanding and compassion that should come in an egalitarian society, where we all respect and care for each other?

Emily Garden is the Project Officer for the Family 100 Research Project – a ground-breaking project that followed 100 Auckland families living in long-term hardship. Family 100 seeks to give a voice to these families in order to understand what factors work to keep people in hardship while others are able to move on to lead more secure lives. Emily has a Masters in Sociology from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and a background that includes tertiary teaching and community mental health.

Emily explains that many of the Family 100 Research Project participants spoken to describe having to choose between keeping warm or eating. One of the clients described it as a juggling act. One mother tells that she and her husband went without meals many times, just for the fact of knowing that their kids are fed. “We always put the children first. If it means we have to go without so they can have it, well so be it”. Another client described the stress that she goes through, and the everyday feeling of being overwhelmed. She said “I more or less thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel, I felt like I was knocking my head against a brick wall”. Read More »

contains audio content Tuma Hazou, Palestinian Christian & Middle East Analyst, with Lisa Er on Israel/Palestine situation (Ultimo)
posted Thu August 21st 2014 @ 1:50 PM

  Read More »

NZ Election 2014 Dirty Politics! (Ultimo)
posted Mon August 18th 2014 @ 4:32 PM

It’s election time again here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Since its first election in 1853 New Zealand has been world-leading in voting rights. All Māori men were able to vote from 1867 and all European men from 1879  Then in 1893 New Zealand famously led the world by ‘giving’ women the right to vote.

Thus it was the first country to give indigenous peoples the vote as well as all women.  New Zealand 'was' probably the most democratic country in the world.

Cut to today, and we have lost our way, the global malaise of a dumbed down society has burrowed its way into the lobotomised minds of our once cherished egalitarian NZ society.

What we have now is a circus, of one-liners, promises, innuendo, double entendre, slush money and an orchestrated litany of unconscious parody, masquerading as truth and good will.

Main stream media, MSM, is totally controlled by market forces of the ‘status quo’ that tell us ‘of a bright future’ and when we look at the other British Commonwealth countries, at Australia, Canada, and Britain -- all have conservative governments, we realise just how clever the media is at manipulating our minds.
Read More »

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