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Jeff Hutner, Editor of New Paradigm Digest

Thursday, May 27th 2010 @ 2:25 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 5819 times

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Today we are in need of a massive and rapid local and global mind change that redefines the contours of a new worldview based around a deep integration of the material and spiritual worlds.

Across all disciplines, cultures, businesses in every aspect of our being we are being confronted by the urgency and necessity to instigate positive enlightened change... And things are now beginning to shift.  

The need to unite and embrace new systems of thinking and doing is now paramount, that within the web of life that we are embedded in, there is no separation as we work towards oneness.

We are noticing that: "Things are getting better and better ... worse and worse and faster and faster...”

And we also know that it's our children and grand children's life that hangs in balance on what we individually and collectively do.    

Hear about the new '100 critical shifts' in the coming 'Blue Economy' from metabolic materials in living buildings, such a painting buildings to absorb Co2, to mushrooms to eat and absorb nuclear waste. The increase of Wellness centers in the USA in the form of body, mind, emotions and spirit to promote full spectrum wellness

Innovative healing methods being used by heating the body to high temperatures prior to cancer treatment, break through's in power and a quantum leap in energy generation based on Zero Point Energy.  

To artistic expression of 100s of participants from many countries individually singing in together in choir over the web, to tapping into our intuitive capabilities and the gift of going beyond time, and why 'equal societies' almost always do better.

Finally to how Paul Hawken sums it up with the millions of non governmental organisations and people like you, unifying as if under one banner to shift the paradigm from the old to the new ... and this is happening now.

Listen as Jeff Hutner explains that far beyond  'dysfunctional mainstream news', a new worldview is becoming manifest.

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The 2nd take on NZ 2010: - Democracy, Governance and Sovereignty at Risk?

Thursday, May 20th 2010 @ 4:26 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3900 times

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As the pace of life gets faster and faster and days appear to rapidly recede behind us, NZers appear  to be like possums at night time staggering in the middle of the road mesmerized and caught in the glare of headlights of a fast coming vehicle, not knowing what is happening and therefore not appearing to take any action.

Will the possums wake up in time and do the correct thing by taking action to control their own future, ... or ...?

Plus, what is the table talk at cafes, restaurants, bars and lunch times around NZ? Is the populace happy and even ecstatic with how we the people are governing ourselves? (Yes or No?) That in fact the talk of both town and country people is that there is nothing at all to be concerned about, with our Democracy, Governance and Sovereignty?  That we can safely leave everything in the hands of the Act Party who in this escalating drama of tension, play the bad cop in the National Party scenario of being the good cop?

Listen to young independent voices talk about the need to be exceptionally alert to what is happening and the necessity to NOT get our news from mainstream media that is intent on jamming sensationalistic insular drivel into our homes 24/7.

But instead, be adroit and astute by accessing our own news via the web, uTUBE, videos, DVDs, network parties and spontaneously showing up at events and friends places.  

Starring Vincent Eastwood ... who is Mr News and part of the NZ’s very independent alternative media. His web site:

On You Tube at:

Vincent has been doing this media for over 18 months and he is about to launch a syndicated radio show from New Zealand but also heard in America.  He has a natural talent and can take complex issues and simplify them.
Dana Louise Stewart ...  Researcher of Raw food, our polluted food system, planting fruit trees and the future of New Zealand. She is very up on what is really happening in this country and is not afraid to speak the truth in an eloquent way.

Dana is the Producer of the independent film Real N' Raw and is also the founder of a charitable trust called Fruit for Our Children.   Web:


Martin Adlington ...  is an environmental artist and fast becoming an expert on "consumerism" and on the massive waste of consumption.


Martin has developed his media presence and now has Auckland University supporting him to make an independent film about recycled art and dumpster diving.

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John White (Friends of the Earth), Michael Fleck (Transition Towns) & Bill Watson (Sea Shepherd)

Thursday, May 13th 2010 @ 3:41 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 4185 times

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How come little Nuclear Free NZ, safely situated in the South West Pacific has become the focal point of Government agendas that were in most cases, not signalled at the last general election?  Is this the way to ACT?

From out of right field NZers find themselves on the back foot as the Government maneuvers to place restrictions on the electorate and their freedoms, or on the other hand loosens them for exploitation.

Some see these actions as a blitzkrieg when most people are struggling to hold jobs, pay bills and give their children a good loving quality of life.

We are being asked to make submissions if we disagree with the agenda however, most find they are too tired at the end of the day to attend meetings, research their submissions and attend rallies to show solidarity.

Thus, the perception is that the Government is deliberately wearing the constituents down, but worse are only allowing 'we the people' a very short time span to respond back to the government.

Is this not strange? NZ has in most cases carried the moral high ground in local and world affairs, we have been seen as a fair country, an honest player, but where and who are the politicians who will stand in integrity and carry the flame of honest virtue working for the betterment of the community and the whole?

There are 120 elected servants in Parliament, who will stand up to be countered?   Watch this space!

And where are the Civic Elders, the Pillars of Society?

"Full Spectrum Dominance!" These below are some concerns that NZ is under pressure from:

 DEMOCRACY: With the disbanding of 7 local Councils in Auckland by central Government as well as Environment Canterbury ... where is this heading?

Inclusive of this are 'we' going to experience:

1) More Genetic experimentation and possibly food grown throughout Aotearoa?

2) The Australian TGA and CODEX Alimentarius being enacted to stop natural health practitioners producing products and selling them here. Note: originally many National MPs supported health freedom, but the NZ bureaucracy is still forcing this agenda, compromising some genuine National MPs word.

3) Caving in and allowing whales to be killed globally because we are fearful of the Japanese yen?

4) The Security and Intelligence Bill being foisted upon a basically peaceful country which already has very secure borders?

5) Having overseas mining corporations extract minerals from conservation land, with minute royalties going to the NZ people?

6) Foreign Investment and countries overseas buying land into NZ, when NZers are not allowed to buy land in certain countries that are allowed to buy here.

7) Community owned assets like the airport and Auckland water being readied for sale to overseas ownership or 'contracted' to them for up to 35 years at a stretch.

8) Privatization of Prisons.

And more...

The list is growing, why is the National government steam rolling us with this agenda, when it has always been their stated aim to have as little government interference as possible?

These issues have to openly debated 'point for point' via local town meetings as well as TV but with a neutral host over the next 1 to 2 years, why the hurry and why give the electorate so little time to respond.

Are MP's not "our elected servants?"


Tim Lynch
Full Access
Ultimo said on Wednesday, June 8th 2016 @ 6:28 PM:

These guys have always been activists

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Elaine Dyer & Susie Vincent talk about Auckland's Supercity

Thursday, May 6th 2010 @ 6:04 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 4497 times

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With the recent announcement that the National Government of New Zealand will impose super city status on seven local councils over the greater Auckland area, this has caused concern to many people about the methods involved to bring this about.

One of the unique qualities of localised self governance is the closeness of community, cultural identity  and many collaborative ventures between council, small business and neighborhood engagement plus area employment. And yes, we need more integrated transport, and other infrastructural systems, but not without community involvement with powers to act.

With the enforcement to super city status with $28 billion of community assets, such as the Auckland airport stake, (that was recently sold off by the smaller Auckland council) what does the future hold for keeping our community resources in public hands?

With participative democracy needed like never before, you are being asked as an Aucklander to break the spell of inaction and communicate with "our paid servants in Wellington" and demand more transparency and community liaison, participation plus feed back.

For those who missed the Aucklander 4-page extravaganza 29th April, here is the online resource (without pictures)



Tim Lynch
Full Access
Ultimo said on Wednesday, June 8th 2016 @ 6:30 PM:

Elaine Dyer & Susie Vincent  have always been involved with community.

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